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Favorite spooky/Halloween Lost fics?

Hi! Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought I'd ask you to link to your favorite spooky or Halloween-themed Lost fics. Crossovers welcome!

And for you, a classic Lost fic:

I Have a Bad Feeling About This by corellianjedi. Sawyer's boyhood Halloween outfit? Why, Han Solo, of course!

I seem to remember a fic where Jack and Sawyer take Aaron trick or treating. Anyone remember that one? MERCI!
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Technically, I may be a day early for my recs, but it's past midnight in my time zone (UK) so I guess I'll get away with it.

Okay, so here goes. We all have our favourite character who was killed off before their time, so this week's recs are dedicated to those who are gone but not forgotten.

Eight Songs Charlie Never Wrote by alliecat8 . An excellent look at Charlie and his relationships with those around him.

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - by valhalla37 - freighties relaxing on the Kahana which I wish we'd seen more of, and an interesting take on Michael who I for one think is sadly underused in fic.

And I'm Fractured From The Fall by janie_tangerine - I only recently discovered this one following a discussion at the Quill, but IMHO it's totally underappreciated! Boone's thoughts on his former nanny Theresa.

Whims of the Wind by elliotsmelliot - while Desmond's POV, it's a fascinating take on Libby and exactly the kind of thing I would have liked to have seen, feels like it could have been canon.

Adieu by marzella_108 - Alex's thoughts on her reunion with Danielle. (Don't ever get me started on the lack of interaction on the show!)
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weekly recs - speculation pieces - Charlotte/Daniel

Between S4 and S5 there was a a lot of speculation about the fates of our Losties, and a fair amount of it focused on the fate of two of the freighter folk, Charlotte and Daniel. I always loved fics that rewrite the story a bit, so these pieces are mostly from that hiatus period and talk about all of the things that didn't happen. The past they didn't have or the future they'll never get, what started as mostly speculation is most definitely all AU in some way now. So here's to speculation proven wrong, but just as good now as they were then.

Little Yellow Houses by danlotteshipper, G
"He remembers he was sitting right here and thinking about something... something important." After the events of the S4 finale, the Losties have moved to the barracks and carry out some semblance of a life. Daniel's memory is entirely depleted and we find him and Charlotte playing house. There's something so simple about this piece, it reminds me of the more pleasant days of S1.

Save the Last Dance by sapphire_child, G
"Charlotte isn’t the sort of girl who wears dresses and Daniel isn’t the sort of man who can dance without causing himself (and his partner) physical harm." Dan and Charlotte off the island, reconnecting at a formal event. It's nice to see the pair out of danger and back in awkward social situations.

It's Nothing But Time and a Face That You Lose by slybrunette, PG-13
"There are rules to this, and Daniel's about to break them." Charlotte encounters Daniel for the first time at a party, four years before they meet on the Kahana... trouble is, he's already met her. I don't know why I like this piece so much, other than the fact that it has Daniel breaking time travel rules in a rather novel way--to gain more time with Charlotte rather than to actually change anything.

Last Day of Magic (Where Are You?) by aurorawest, PG-13
"They have to go back." Off the island and married, things are not going too well for Charlotte and Daniel. This piece sort of reminds me of the turmoil of Kate and Jack's off-island life, as well as their decision to return.

All the Melted Ice and Migraines by danlotteshipper, G
"Daniel and Charlotte don't talk because they don't have anything else to say. They don't talk because talking means remembering what they don't want to. Maybe some things shouldn't be left unsaid. Maybe they need to get back." A similar sort of premise as above and wonderfully written.

Bunch of Hippies by toestastegood, PG
"A quiet moment on the porch." This one is Juliet/Sawyer/Daniel, thrown in for good measure. Not entirely true to S5, but definitely the way I wish things went for a little while. Similar to Little Yellow Houses (and the actual storyline of Juliet/Sawyer) in its depiction of finding peace in the act of playing house.
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Last week's rec: OT3's

I am SO sorry for the lateness of this post. I can't offer any adequate explanation. Only some advice for anybody next year that thinks, "Hey, I bet signing up to rec some fic on tax day and the week a bunch of other stuff is coming down will ensure that I get everything out of the way early!", that no, that is NOT a brilliant idea.

Again, apologies to all for the lateness. Hopefully I can make up for it by offering some awesome OT3 fics. As the ultimate "have your cake and eat it too" kind of girl, I just love a great OT3.

Surprise and Conspire, Brutal by fosfomifira
Rating: R (implied BDSM)
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer/Sayid
A pair of drabbles that are the most lovely combination of character sketch and teh hotness. Add in that it's this grouping and some not-too-scary D/s? Rocking!

Steps by gemjam
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer/Sayid
Another fic about the grouping that has everything, a pwp that has everything, including some incredibly hot descriptive imagery.

Limbo by crickets
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer/Claire
This and other stories by crickets have been responsible for getting me to read a pairing that I originally raised an eyebrow at. Haunting and tragically romantic, and basically perfect.

Golden Boys by toestastegood
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sawyer/Sayid/Charlie
This is a sweet established relationship fic, which is pretty much Image Hosted by
but throw in a bit where Sawyer and Charlie get to bickering and have to call a truce, to the sexiest of results? FTW!
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Weekly Recs: Desmond and Company

As much as I enjoy the epic love that is Desmond/Penny, I also enjoy stories that focus on Desmond’s relationships with other castaways. Here are six excellent fics that explore his platonic and romantic bonds with other men and women, yet never neglect his powerful love for Penny.

Odysseus Returns by ficangel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Desmond/Sayid/Penny
Written long before Team Awesome ever strutted around the freighter, this fic focuses on Penny’s reaction to and her creative compromise for dealing with Desmond’s feelings for both her and Mr. Jarrah.

Sharing the Night by falafel_fiction
Rating: PG
Pairing: Desmond/Charlie
Whether you read the relationship presented here as brotherly love or more, this story captures how Desmond could offer Charlie more comfort than merely yanking him from the jaws of death on a regular basis.

The Collection Box is Full by falseeeyelashes
Rating: R
Pairing: Desmond/Claire
falseeyelashes’s surreal style is perfect for exploring how a pairing steeped in failed responsibilities and desperate yearnings will always be doomed, but that doesn’t mean it is not meant to be.

A Marriage Of Convenience by dustyirish2003
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Desmond/Penny, Daniel/Charlotte and Desmond/Daniel
While their husbands keep each other grounded in time, the wives grit their teeth and drink their tea or as the original summary reads, “Marriage requires sacrifice. Especially when it comes to the constant.”

See You In Another Life (or five times Jack and Desmond kissed) by janie_tangerine
Rating: Light R
Pairing: Desmond/Jack
This fic explores Desmond’s significant connections with Jack from their first meeting at the stadium to their reunion on the island, and their lives after rescue.

Thicket by bachlava
Rating: Hard R, Light NC-17
Pairing: Desmond/Sawyer
Desmond and Sawyer have shared approximately one minute of screen time together. bachlava reminds us what a tragedy this is when she creates a scenario to show how well they could get along.
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Weekly Recs: Fics About Kevin Callis

With only one appearance on Lost, Kate's ex-husband Kevin is surprisingly popular! (Could be something to do with actor Nathan Fillion's popularity from other shows, including Serenity, Drive and now Castle.)

What I find really interesting is that Kevin, being a cop, can so easily cross paths with just about any Lost character. And his having been left by Kate leaves him very ready for some rebound romance. Here are some of my favorites. I'm not including any fics that are exclusively Kevin/Kate, but the canon pairing is usually a big part of what makes Kevin who he is.

Black and White and Red All Over
Pairing: Sawyer/Kevin, Kevin/Kate
Rating: R
I think arabella_hope was the first to pair up these two and it's led to some incredibly hot fic! Kevin knows Sawyer is all wrong for him and yet... how can he resist? This one is definitely worth catching up with!

Gas Station
Pairing: Sawyer/Kevin
Rating: PG-13
toestastegood pretty much owns Kevin, at this point. I love how Sawyer seems to be just what Kevin needs and vice-versa, even if they are on opposite sides of the law. (Kevin clearly has a thing for charming criminal types.) She's since written them many times, such as this one she wrote for me for the prompt "Kiss and make up" -- Promises. Please check out the rest of her Kevin-based fics here.

Ever Wondered What Happened On The Tampa Job?
Pairing: Sawyer/Kevin
Rating: NC-17
gottalovev took this pairing and delivered a smoking hot fic that answers the question all Sawyer fans have been dying to know. What did happen on the Tampa job? And here's a sequel: We Meet Again. Go, bug her for more! :)

Of Ruined Weekends
Pairing: Boone/Kevin
Rating: NC-17
janie_tangerine sends Boone to Miami to bail Shannon out of jail and, lucky for us, the officer on duty just happens to be a newly single Kevin. Porn, of course, ensues.

Rebound in Fire
Pairing: Ana-Lucia/Kevin
Rating: PG-13
Yes, you read that right. I'm reccing a fic with Ana Lucia! This is a nicely handled getting-over-Kate fic by toestastegood that treats both characters with a lot of sympathy.
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weekly recs - richard alpert

I remember when I first came into this fandom, Richard Alpert was one of those characters that I craved to read about, but couldn't really find fic on. However, what the fandom lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. There are some really amazing Richard fics out there, and they all manage to bring something different to this mysterious character. And so I thought it was only fair that I share some of what I've found.

Of the Dust by ever_obsessed (PG-13)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard (Ben & minor Richard/Alex)
Summary: Not everything changes.
Notes: I kind of pimp this fic whenever I get the chance, but really it's just that good. The style, the tone, all of it just fits the characterization, because it's ambiguous, short and succinct and most importantly, elegant which all can be applied to Richard himself as well. It focuses on the mythological aspect of Richard's character, and the author does her research, but you don't feel bogged down by all those outside forces at work.

Origins by crickets (PG-13, 965 words)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard/Charlotte (minor Richard/Alex)
Summary: charlotte has returned to the island to discover where she comes from, and discovers a familiar face along the way.
Notes: I'm not a huge fan of Charlotte, but this fic really stuck with me. Again there's an ambiguity about the style and diction that fits perfectly with what Richard is. And really I'm all for UC pairings...especially where Richard is concerned.

I Thought You Said Forever (Over And Over Again) by slybrunette (R, 2535 words)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard/Alex (mentions of Ben)
Summary: He ignores the rustling in the bushes, that is until he hears her voice come through, loud and clear, "just like old times right?"
Notes: This was the first Richard/Alex fic I read and at the time, I didn't understand the appeal of the ship, but after reading this, and other fics of this caliber, I get it and I ship it.

you're not ulysses by falseeyelashes (pg-13, 2123 words)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard, Richard/Alex
Summary: everyone keeps getting older – even him.
Notes: I didn't think it was possible, but this author makes the idea that Richard's immortal more than just depressing. It's downright painful. And they do it in so few words and using Alex who is the perfect character to juxtapose Richard against. (Also, if you're in the mood, check out her other Lost fics especially the appropriate travel arrangements have been doesn't have Richard but it literally blew my mind)

We All Fall Down by elliotsmelliot (PG-13, 8850 words)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard, Sawyer, Ben
Summary: Set in the early 1980s, Richard is a prisoner of the Dharma Initiative and is joined in his imprisonment by a popping out of time Sawyer.
Notes: Gen pieces are unappreciated in fandom, which is understandable I guess. You have a show full of pretty people. It's only natural to pair them all up. But it's always impressive when you get an author who manages to make two or more characters interact for a whole piece without it ending in romance...or sex. Or both, maybe. [/tangent] elliotsmelliot creates a backstory out of the bits and pieces of information we've been given, and it's satisfying because it's realistic and creative. And Richard's interaction with Sawyer is not a friendship or a relationship or a fling. It's just two people whose paths just happen to cross at an important moment -- which is what Lost is all about.

Also, zelda_zee has written quite a few Richard/Sayid fics which I would suggest. And sentiently has written some very lovely Richard drabbles. In both cases I couldn't pick just one of their Richard fics to rec so I'm recommending the author in general.

Weekly Recs - AUs

The term AU itself is fairly broad, standing for alternate universe. It can represent fic set in the past or the future, or the present with elements of canon changed. The AU's I'm rec'ing here are the ones I think are the most challenging -- yet also the most fulfilling: ones where the characters ultimately remain the same and recognizable, even when the world and circumstances are vastly different. Here are four stories I love.

You Only Live Once -- part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 by halfdutch
This story is daring in its re-characterization. Jack is a priest, and Kate and Sawyer are escaped convicts, in a deliciously noir setting. This take on the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle works very well, combining the elements to show off their different aspects (and engage in a few steamy love scenes).

Sector Fifteen by toestastegood
This story blew me away with its world-building the first time I read it, and I still think it's an amazing piece of science fiction. Sawyer and Charlie and Claire form something like a family unit in an apocalyptic, post-Virus world where the human population is 124,238 and declining, and everyone is assigned to a Sector.

Fortunate Son -- part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4A | part 4B by cynthia_arrow
In this long story, Jack and Sawyer are young men in the south in 1968, at the height of conflicts between classes, races, and political groups. The setting serves to focus an intense light on their characters, their backgrounds, and their relationship with each other. It reads with all the depth and texture of a novel.

It's Not Easy Having a Good Time by zelda_zee
And now for something completely's a stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, not set on the island but brilliantly cast with everyone's favorite castaways in the lead roles, and the rest working behind the scenes. It's clever, hilarious and inspired.
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Weekly Lost recs - the many faces of Boone Carlyle

Hi! *waves* For my set I'll be reccing you some delightful Boone fic, gen, het and slash. I realize there's quite some old stuff here but this is mostly what is in my favorites since my lurking phase. Sorry for the uber-long recs, I have no gift for brevity.

1. Five Things That Never Happened to Boone Carlyle by 1001cranes
Boone/Jack, Boone/Shannon, Boone/Charlie, Boone/Sawyer. Other pairings mentioned; R (warning: features drug use, the infamous amputated leg of doom, dead!Boone and a lot of other unpleasant situations);
Because Boone’s automatically the groupie in this situation. In every situation. It’s his lot in life. The groupie. The face. The bitch. The background. It’s the way it works out for him. He’s always someone else’s groupie. Even on heroin, he’s just a groupie. He’s Charlie’s.

Now. If a fic I wish I had written exists, that's it. Because this is the most perfect Boone POV that will be ever written. The five things that never happened to Boone Carlyle are all possible outcomes of his accident and while they're all different from each other, they're all absolutely IC and plausible and realistic and they all take advantage of a potential which was never explored on the show. This isn't a light fic under any mean; especially the Boone/Charlie section is very cringe-worthy and not an easy read, but every singe word is worth it IMHO. And the excerpt I quoted is just an example of how deeply the writer understood Boone; you can just see how perfectly she handles the character with every sentence.

2. It's Not The Way It's Meant To Be by gravi_girl123
Jack/Boone, Boone/Shannon, R
Look at me. Boone sometimes says wordlessly. Using his hands and lips and skin to coax some sort of acknowledgment from Jack. This is the best way Boone knows how to be useful to him.

Opposite to rec number one, this is just a joy to read if you enjoy the pairing. It's a light fic, sure, because it mostly leaves you smiling, but the characterization is spot on and insightful; the Boone/Shannon bits are just sincere and make total justice to the pairing without being icky or resentful, while the Jack/Boone is done just perfectly because it's done keeping Boone perfectly IC and Jack perfectly IC and pushing all the right buttons.

3. Falling by eponine119 (take this rec for the fb I never left for it? ;) )
gen, I think PG or PG13
He can still see her coming up the stairs with the tray in her hands. He wasn't screaming then, just watching her in silence. Maybe he knew what was going to happen. Maybe he was thinking to himself, fall, fall, fall, or maybe he wasn't thinking anything at all. He knows it wasn't his fault. The child psychologist his mother took him to for years told him so, just like he said it wasn't Boone's fault that his father left, just like he said all boys were curious about their sisters sometimes and it was all perfectly natural.

This is the only gen fic I've ever read which directly references Theresa, but well, the quality totally makes up for the lack of quantity about the subject. This is a gem; it might not exactly be long but it manages to cover a lot, draw a perfectly plausible picture of Boone's childhood and of the accident and it's brilliantly linked with canon up to Deus Ex Machina. It's just brilliant and heartbreaking and all round great.

4. Here For Now, by geekwriter143
Sawyer/Boone, NC17
"In 'A Fist Full of Dollars,'" Boone said. "The man with no name. He's not just black or white. His code of ethics is based on money, not on what other people think is moral. But you root for him anyway. You want him to win even though he's not good in the traditional sense."

This fic was written post White Rabbit, so I figure you should take into account the fact that it was pre Confidence Man, but also seeing Sawyer's character development up to this point I think it's some really nice work. It shows a nicer side of Sawyer, Boone's voice is pretty much great especially considering the context, the western metaphors kind of sold it to me (see the excerpt ;) ) and well, the sex is hot. Very, very hot. And the Boone/Shannon part is handled really, really well. I think it's the only time I read Sawyer/Boone which did not take the inhalers story into account (well, obviously since it was written before it happened) and it makes their dynamic here pretty interesting.

5. The Long Goodbye; or, The New Jacob of Craphole Island by cynthia_arrow
undead!Boone/Charlie, R
The one thing that might've been annoying for Charlie was that he was stuck on the island, at least for the time being. Shannon sometimes called it the shifty time, Ana called it purgatory, Eko refused to talk about it at all, but it was Boone's name for it he liked best of all: the long goodbye. But, then again, he liked everything about Boone best of all, eventually. That was the surprising thing about death: liking things, having the freedom and space to genuinely enjoy things, like the clear water and the bright sun and the white sand. He was amazed to find how different the world looked when the threat of dying in it was taken away.

I think one of my biggest failures in my fandom life is never having gotten around to leave fb to this fic when I stumbled upon it some three months ago. I always meant to and I never did, for which I hope to make up here. ;) I think it's one of the best afterlife fics I've ever read. Boone and Charlie are absolutely spot on, their interaction is perfect, their dialogue is too and while it's lighthearted and a really lovely read, it gets serious and really meaningful most times. All the dead are wonderfully characterized and I just love how lively and realistically those two get together in the end. The whole take on the afterlife is great and the way Jacob and the mythology were incorporated is seamless. Not to mention a very intriguing twist re Boone's role and an ending which is just priceless.